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Ian Campbell, better known as Ice Mc, was famed in 1990s for his emotional and pushing songs. The musician can turn any event into an outstanding show and make your celebration incredible!

  • Price

    Price Ice Mc:

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    Send a request.

    The price for Ice Mc depends on the destination, the duration of the journey and the overall trip, the type of the event. The fees tend to be higher during festive seasons, like Christmas.

    Please send us a request with all the details of your event and our agents will provide you with the fee for Ice Mc.

  • Offer Form & Agreement

    Offer Form & Agreement Ice Mc

    Please find a sample of a formal offer form and a standard agreement attached for booking artists for event. Please kindly note that this is for your information only and can be adapted based on client’s needs.

  • Biography

    Undying popularity of charming Ian Campbell

    Ian Campbell was born in a family of Jamaican immigrants in Nottingham, England, in 1965. He spent his childhood in the Hyson Green area of Nottingham. The young talent got his famous pseudonym in high school, it comes from his initials. In 1983 he started touring around Europe with a group of break dancers. In 1989 Ian met Roberto Zanetti aka Savage and cooperated with him to release a hip-hop single “Easy”, which was extremely successful in Europe, as long as their debut album “Cinema”, released in 1990. But the second album of 1992, entitled “My World”, didn’t manage to achieve the success of the first one. In 1994 Ice Mc chose a new style, called raggamuffin, and released the album “Ice’n’Green”, which featured a new vocalist – Alexia. The album was a commercial success. Two years later Ian Campbell broke off his creative alliance with Zanetti and released “Dreadatour”, produced by Masterboy. At the end of 2002 the performer cooperated with Zanetti again, and in 2004 they recorded a new album, “Cold Skool”.

    Approximate set list of Ice MC performance:

    • Cinema
    • Scream
    • Easy
    • It’s a Miracle
    • My World

    Other songs can be performed according to prior agreement with the singer.

    Why should you book Ice Mc through BnMusic?

    • Our website represents Ice MC official booking agency, so we guarantee the performance of Ian Campbell, not his double.
    • We offer the most affordable prices for performance.
    • Ice MC shall perform his best hits for you.
    • BnMusic is a proficient artist booking agency, having huge experience in the sphere of booking.
    • The second half of the sum for the concert can be paid only when the celebrity arrives.
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    Contact Ice Mc booking agent for private & corporate events
    Please make a request with all the details of your event and our agents will get in touch and provide you with the info for Ice Mc.

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