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E-Type is an ensemble from Scandiavia. They became famous by their hit «This Is The Way» and other songs in “Eurodance” genre. With our help, you can enjoy a live performance of the legendary band!

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    Price E-Type:

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    The price for E-Type depends on the destination, the duration of the journey and the overall trip, the type of the event. The fees tend to be higher during festive seasons, like Christmas.

    Please send us a request with all the details of your event and our agents will provide you with the fee for E-Type.

  • Offer Form & Agreement

    Offer Form & Agreement E-Type

    Please find a sample of a formal offer form and a standard agreement attached for booking artists for event. Please kindly note that this is for your information only and can be adapted based on client’s needs.

  • Biography

    Biography of energetic and groovy band

    Bo Martin Erik Eriksson is considered to be the founder of the music group. Thousands of fans around the globe are eager to see the celebrity at a wedding, New Year’s celebration, corporate event, banquet or any other type of celebration. The talent was born in the Swedish city of Uppsala in 1965. At an early age he tried his hand as a drummer in various bands, playing hard rock and speed metal. However, fate drew Martin’s attention to lighter and more cheerful music styles. A meeting of the musician with the performer Stakka Bo became a turning point for both of them. First creation of the two was called “We Got the Atmosphere”. The song immediately blew up all music charts right after the release. Later, the musicians produced a couple more singles together. That was how the legendary band was created. Unfortunately, Martin and Stakka Bo did not want to continue their partnership because of unwillingness to evolve in the same musical direction. However, Eriksson continues successfully working on his own up to nowadays.

    Playlist of the concert:

    • This Is The Way
    • We Got the Atmosphere
    • the other compositions by the provisional approval with the singer.
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    Please make a request with all the details of your event and our agents will get in touch and provide you with the info for E-Type.

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