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  • Sandra N

    Sandra N. is an award wining Romanian Pop singer who was featured on the Adrian Sina and Ackym single “Kiss Me”.

  • Oana Radu

    Oana Radu is a Romanian pop singer, best known for participating in the TV show Vocea României.

  • Feli

    Felicia Donose better known by the stage name Fely or Feli is a Romanian singer and songwriter who became known with her participation in the show-contest Vocea României.

  • Vladuta Lupau

    Vlăduța Maria Rus Lupău known as Vlăduța Lupău is a Romanian folk singer from Transylvania and producer of folk music.

  • Alessandra

    Alessandra is a popular Romanian artist, better known with the songs: "Imi Pare Rau", "Tu Nu Mai Stii", "Cine E Inima Mea".

  • Daria

    Dharia Comanescu is a Romanian singer and song writer who is known as Dharia. She has earned worldwide popularity.  

  • Loredana

    Loredana Groza by stage name Loredana is a Romanian singer. She is known for pop to traditional music and manele.

  • Gipsy Casual

    Gipsy Casual is a musician band from Romania.

  • Iuliana Beregoi

    Iuliana Beregoi is a Romanian singer and a famous YouTube Star.

  • Nicole Cherry

    Nicole Cherry is a Romanian pop singer.

  • Antonia

    Antonia Clara Iacobescu, known mononymously as Antonia, is a Romanian pop singer.

  • Amna

    Amna is popular Romanian singer by Cristina Andreea Muşat

  • Jo

    Ioana Anuța, on her stage name JO is a Romanian singer, known for participating in the show "X Factor".

  • Lora

    Laura Petrescu, better known as Lora is a Romanian pop singer. Before her solo career, she was part of the Romanian band Wassabi.

  • Eva Pop

    Eva Pop is Romanian pop artist, better known with the songs: "Karam", "Yalla (Stephano Rossi & Zaur Remix)", "Tocame Remix" .

  • Tamiga & 2Bad

    Tamiga & 2Bad is a popular Romanian artist, better known with the songs: "Sunset With Me", "White Karma".

  • Ioana Ignat

    Ioana Ignat is a Romanian singer who became known through her participation in Vocea României.

  • Ruby

    Ana Claudia Grigore, known as the stage name Ruby, is a singer from Romania.

  • Vika Jigulina

    Victoria Corneva by stage name Vika Jigulina is a Moldovan-born Romanian singer and DJ. In 2000, Jigulina moved to Romania from Moldova. She worked in various local clubs and eventually worked in the capital city Bucharest. She landed weekly shows on Romanian radio stations that gained her nationwide exposure and fame. She is currently working as a disk jockey for Radio 21 Romania and Vibe ...

  • Mira

    Maria Mirabela Cismaru, known as Mira (stylized MIRA), is a Romanian singer. Mira became known with the appearance in the second season of the talent show Vocea României, where she mentored the singer and composer Marius Moga.

  • Petruta

    Petruta Tihulca is a popular Romanian artist, better known with the songs: "Bate Vantul".

  • Alina Eremia

    Alina Eremia is a Romanian singer, member of the band Lala Band, known for the evolution of the musical series Bet with Life, broadcast on Pro TV and for the soap opera Romanian A new life, broadcast on Acasă TV. Alina Eremia is a Romanian singer and member of the LaLa band, who represented Romania in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Irina Rimes

    Irina Rimes is a singer and songwriter from the Republic of Moldova, who currently works and lives in Bucharest. Irina Rimes became known in the Republic of Moldova after participating in the Star Factory contest in 2012, where she reached the final. She later moved to Romania, where she tried to assert herself under the pseudonym Irra, but this project was unsuccessful. In 2016, he ...

  • Minelli

    Luisa Ionela Luca, known professionally as Minelli, is a Romanian pop singer. Upon being part of the girl group Wassabi from 2006 to 2009, she rose to fame with her 2019 single "Mariola", which topped the Romanian Airplay 100 chart. Subsequently, in 2021, "Rampampam" became a hit in multiple territories.