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  • Gazebo

    Italian singer Paul Mazzolini performs under a pen-name Gazebo. Gazebo’s wonderfully melodic voice is already a part of pop music history. The singer’s albums are sold in millions of copies in Europe and Asia. Avoid intermediaries, and book Gazebo’s performance through the official booking agent! We will book the show without additional commissions!

  • Tiziano Ferro

    Tiziano Ferro is one of the most popular Italian pop, soul singers of all time. He was awarded “the best Italian performer of the year” in 2004. Are you dreaming of seeing your idol at your party? Our agency can invite him to any kind of event without intermediaries and overpayments.

  • Frank Sinatra tribute show

    Stephen Triffitt is a popular tribute musician who performs well-known compositions of the legendary American singer, director, and producer Francis Albert Sinatra. The genres are jazz and pop. Have you ever dreamed of seeing a world star at your party and hearing the living voice of the legend? Our agency will help invite the performer to any event avoiding third parties and extra charges.

  • Marcello Rota

    Marcello Rota is a famous conductor, who has captured the hearts of many listeners from Europe and the USA. If you want to connect with something beautiful and enjoy some classic music, then book Marcello Rota’s show right now!

  • Maurizio Schweizer

    Maurizio Schweitzer is well-known to millions of viewers and listeners Adriano Celentano`s double. On the territory of the CIS countries he has become very popular thanks to the broadcasts of "Comedy Club" and television entertainment show "Exactly!". Do you want to enjoy the work of Adriano Celentano? Invite Maurizio with his tribute show to your event!

  • Adolfo Sebastiani

    Adolfo Sebastiani is the official tribute of Celentano, actor with real charisma and talent of stage transformation in the Master. Anniversary, wedding or corporate party in the atmosphere of Celentano with incredible Italian eccentricity and expression will be remembered for a long time. The official website of Adolfo Sebastiani`s agent is your personal guide to the world of an incredible ...

  • Zak Abel

    Young and promising British artist Zak Abel plays soul, pop and tropical music. The artist is extremely popular beyond Great Britain too. Now you can easily book Zak Abel for a company party, Birthday celebration or other event.

  • Gianluca Vacchi

    Gianluca Vacchi is an Italian entrepreneur, blogger, dancer, and musician. He is well-known throughout the world, and fans who book his shows are always thrilled about his performance! Contact our agents to learn how to invite the star to your event, what his rider looks like, and the cost of the show.

  • Nathan Sykes

    Nathan Sykes is a popular British singer who entered the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest artist possessing the most powerful voice in the world. Many of Nathan Sykes’ fans are looking forward to the concert as it serves the best of both worlds: amazing singing and high-quality accompaniment.

  • MNEK

    Singer MNEK is a British artist of Nigerian descent who was nominated for a Grammy Award. He performs pop, electropop and dance music. If you strive to invite MNEK to your event, you can expect to see an amazingly powerful show!

  • Asaf Avidan

    Asaf Avidan is a singer-songwriter from Israel. From 2006 to 2011, he was part of the group Asaf Avidan & the Mojos.

  • Willy William

    DJ Willy William is a producer, musician, and composer who performs dance music, as well as reggaeton and mix genres. The popularity came to him thanks to his infectious club music. So if you want to impress your guests and organise a truly groovy event, don’t hesitate to book DJ Willy William’s performance for your corporate party!

  • Roberto Kel Torres

    Singer Roberto Kel Torres was born in Cuba, but he became truly popular in the countries belonging to the Commonwealth of Independent States — upon his victory in the well-known competition Novaya Volna (New Wave in Russian). The musician possesses an amazing voice, artistic talents, and charms — that’s why connoisseurs high-quality music endeavor to book Roberto Kel Tores for a party.

  • John Newman

    John Newman is a young and promising British singer, performing in the genres of soul, indie-pop, and breakbeat. His singles have repeatedly hit the top ranks of the British and worldwide charts. That is why John Newman is one of the most sought-after artists in Europe and the CIS right now.

  • Boy George

    Boy George is known for his peculiar manner of behavior both on stage and in real life. His style has become an inspiration for many musicians, now considered the kings of scandals. The performance by Boy George is guaranteed to make your party unlike any other!

  • Afric Simone

    Afric Simone is the most famous singer of Mozambique, and possibly of the entire African continent. The African singer was able to win European fans, already spoiled with high-quality music. Music critics still have no idea how he managed to do that, but the fact is that Afric Simone’s popularity has not faded over the years.

  • Joy band

    Joy is a renowned Austrian band that still successfully performs throughout Europe and Asia. Do you want your event to be remembered for a lifetime? Then invite Joy to perform at it!

  • Lou Bega

    The charismatic German singer of Ugandan-Italian descent, Lou Bega’s performs mambo, pop, jazz, hip-hop, and cha-cha-cha music. Lou Bega songs are known all over the world, and they will definitely become a wonderful highlight of your party.

  • Chris Norman

    Singer, guitarist and composer Chris Norman, a member of the "golden" lineup of Smokie, is well-loved by fans of pop and glam rock from around the world. Chris Norman, performing his best hits live, will turn any party into a memorable event!

  • Adam Lambert

    Young king of dance music Adam Lambert is the most famous American Idol participant. Performed live, his energetic hits will turn every party into a memorable event! We are ready to stage Adam Lambert’s live performance at your celebration without intermediaries on favourable terms and at a competitive price.

  • Craig David

    Craig David is a British singer, songwriter, and record producer who rose to fame in the early 2000s with his debut album "Born to Do It". David's music is a blend of R&B, garage, and pop, which has helped him attain worldwide success. He has released several platinum-selling albums, including "Slicker Than Your Average", "The Story Goes...", and "Signed Sealed Delivered". David is also ...

  • Mika

    Mika, a charismatic British artist of American and Lebanese descent, has conquered the whole world with his engaging charms and incredible voice. We offer you to book Mika’s concert for your party and thus make it a unique and unforgettable event!

  • Ray Horton

    Ray Horton is one of the golden voices of the world-famous duet Milli Vanilli. A charismatic and talented artist, Ray Horton unfailingly wins thunderous applause and turns private parties into most luxurious events!

  • Zucchero

    Zucchero is the famous Italian singer of the turn of the century, who still remains popular throughout the world. Now you have the opportunity to hear “Sugar” (as his nickname is translated) live by booking a performance on the official website!