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  • Jovanotti

    Lorenzo Cherubini uses the stage name Jovanotti, which is made of the Italian word “young man.” Such uncomplicated, but kind-hearted humor is characteristic of the whole legacy of the singer. He didn’t stop at one genre and dived into hip-hop, rap, rock, pop, and folk as well. The artist often employs style fusions in his songs, creating some unique combinations. You can book a performance ...

  • Dr Alban

    Swedish musician of Nigerian origin and an owner of Dr. Records recording studio If you can’t imagine your life without reggae, hip hop, and Eurodance music, then Dr. Alban is the one who can give you an unforgettable party.

  • Paolo Conte

    Paolo Conte is one of the most famous and influential Italian musicians, pianist, composer, and singer. His jazz sound, soulful lyrics, and well-recognizable low timbre are the inalienable components of the artist’s unique style. Invite the renowned musician to your party through our agency, and your party will assuredly become a vivid and memorable event. We provide services without ...

  • Thomas Anders

    Thomas Anders, a German musician, pop singer and former leader of the legendary Modern Talking, has become a favorite with the public all over the world through the hits “Cheri, Cheri Lady”, “I Can Never Let You Go” and other songs, that may be performed live at your celebration. You can book Modern Talking star without intermediaries and overpayment.

  • Michelangelo Loconte

    Michelangelo Loconte is one of the most popular Italian singers that gained his popularity thanks to his leading role in the French rock musical Mozart. The possessor of an enchanting voice, he has conquered the hearts of audiences in many countries. If you wish to embellish your event with some beautiful world-class music, invite the artist to your party through our agency. We work ...

  • Miguel Bosé

    Flamboyant and artistic Miguel Bosé is one of the most popular musicians in Latin-American pop music. His unique style combines melodiousness and the energy of modern rhythms. If you like high-quality music, don’t hesitate to contact our agency. We guarantee the best arrangement of a performance at affordable prices.

  • Sam Smith

    Sam Smith is a young British singer. His tracks consistently win awards and gain hundreds of millions of views. Sam Smith’s music is a blend of the following genres: soul, modern R&B, and pop. Our agency will help you book Sam Smith's performance for your event without intermediaries and unnecessary overpayments.

  • Ricky Martin

    Ricky Martin is a famous R&B, reggaeton, and pop singer that hails from Puerto Rico. You can invite the pop star to your party without intermediaries by contacting our agency. We will provide you with the singer’s rider and free dates in his tour schedule.

  • Ara Malikian

    Ara Malikian is a bright and talented violinist with his own style and artistry. His work embodies all the richness and diversity of the music: he plays everything from Bach and Paganini to Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Hendrix. We organise the star’s performances at various events without intermediaries and on favorable terms.

  • Mario Frangoulis

    Mario Frangoulis is a renowned opera singer of Greek origin. You can book his performance through our agency today. We don’t work with intermediaries, so we can guarantee our clients that no extra costs are involved. Call us right now to find out about the free dates on the singer’s tour schedule.

  • Tom Odell

    Tom Odell is a famous British musician and singer. His full name is Tom Peter Odell. He plays indie rock, alternative rock, and indie-pop music. Are you dreaming of the world-famous singer performing at your event? Our agency will help you invite the star without intermediaries, as well as unnecessary overpayments.

  • Sean Paul

    Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques is a Jamaican rapper and singer who is regarded as one of dancehall's most prolific artists. Jamaican singer Sean Paul is a nominee of the prestigious Grammy Award. He actively performs in the dancehall genre, adding several original tracks to his repertoire every year. You can invite the musician to perform at your party through BnMusic.

  • Max Raabe

    Max Raabe immediately made a name for himself among the public. The singer created his own personal genre and began to cover famous hits in the style of songs from the 20s and 30s. The critics unanimously called him a "troll-parodist", which in no way diminished the popularity of his work. You can book the artist’s performance on our website, without extra charges and overpayments.

  • Fat Joe

    Fat Joe is one of the most prominent American hip-hop and rap singers. His real name is Joseph Antonio Cartagena, and in the past he performed under alias Fat Joe da Gangsta. Would you like to invite the star to your party? Our agency can book his performance for any kind of event without intermediaries and extra costs.

  • Emir Kusturica

    Would you like to personally meet the famous director, actor, and musician Emir Kusturica? You might also know him as a former member of the Serbian band “The No Smoking Orchestra”. We can invite Emir Kusturica to perform at your event at a reasonable price, without extra costs and intermediaries.

  • Don Airey

    Don Airey is a renowned British pianist and producer, a former member of Deep Purple. His full name is Donald Smith Airey. He is a real legend of rock, progressive rock, jazz-fusion, hard rock, heavy metal, and blues-rock music. Are you dreaming of seeing Don Airey performing live at your party? Our agency can invite the star to any kind of event!

  • Chris Rea

    Chris Rea is a popular British singer who won the hearts of millions of fans with his unique hoarse voice. He mainly plays blues, pop-rock, and soft-rock music. His full name is Christopher Anton Rea. Do you want to surprise guests and make your event truly memorable? Then invite a big star to perform at your party! Our booking agency will be happy to help you do that without intermediaries ...

  • Chris de Burgh

    Chris de Burgh is a famous Irish art-rock and soft-rock singer. His real name is Christopher John Davison. Do you want the star to perform right at your party? Our agency can invite musicians to perform at any kind of event without extra costs and intermediaries!

  • Lenny Kravitz

    Lenny Kravitz is one of the most renowned musicians of our time. His music is a unique blend of many different genres such as rock, blues, R&B, funk, jazz, and reggae. The performance of such a big star requires professional organisational skills. We can guarantee you the high quality of your booking services, as well as competitive prices and favourable terms.

  • Everlast

    Erik Francis Schrody, also known as Everlast, is an American musician that hails from New York. His music is a mix of rap, rock, country, and blues. His live performances are the real deal for all music fans. We can organise the famous raper’s performance for you without intermediaries and extra costs. So if you want to invite a real star to your party, contact us right away.

  • Mustafa Sandal

    Mustafa Sandal is a famous Turkish singer, author, and producer. He is widely famous not only in his country but also throughout the world. Sandal is a true, full-fledged star. His albums are being sold out at a tremendous speed and at the moment the total sales amount exceeds 17 million copies. The main genres of his music are pop, techno, dance music, and R&B.

  • Tarkan

    Tarkan is a Turkish musician, songwriter, and producer who has achieved fame not only in his country but also far beyond its borders. His vibrant dance hits are written primarily in the genres of pop and folk-pop.

  • Amr Diab

    Amr Diab is a popular Egyptian singer. He is the first performer from this eastern country to receive the prestigious World Music Award. His songs combine Arabic motifs with Western rhythms, and this is why they are popular not only in the Arab world but also in Europe. You can book Amr Diab’s performance for a corporate party, wedding or any other festive event through our agency.

  • Khaled

    Khaled Hadj Brahim is a famous Algerian performer (Northern Africa). He predominantly sings about the suffering of immigrants, love, desire for peace, and tolerance. Fans call him Sheb Khaled (Young Khaled) and the King of Rai (rai is a local style of Bedouin folk songs that appeared at the dawn of the XX century).