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C.C. Catch is one of the most significant German disco and pop-singers, whose voice and appearance seem to be timeless. It’s hardly surprising that today C.C. Catch is no less popular than she was at the dawn of her career. Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us to see a legendary pop-star on your special event.

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    C.C. Catch biography

    C.C. Catch is a stage name of a Dutch-born singer Caroline Catherine Müller. Müller’s career started in Germany where she lived with her parents. There is an interesting fact that Caroline’s parents wanted their daughter to become a dressmaker. However, the girl had a real passion for music and she decided to follow her dream.

    The artist’s first single “I Can Lose My Heart Tonight”, written by the German songwriter Dieter Bohlen, was released in the summer of 1985. The song was released as a present, right on the date of the singer’s birthday. “I Can Lose My Heart Tonight” became a real smash-hit immediately. The single blew up European charts at once. A year after, the artist’s first album appeared in stores.

    On the whole, 4 albums (“Catch the Catch”, “Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel”, “Like a Hurricane”, “Big Fun”) and 12 singles were released in cooperation with Bohlen, but in 1989 she decided to sign to the label Metronome. “Here What I Say” was her last album, for which Müller also appeared as a songwriter.

    These days, disco-star of the past is successfully touring all over the world. Her numerous fans from Europe and the CIS dream of C.C. Catch booking for their parties and celebrations. One who decides to book world-famous singer should know that the track-list of the performance may include the following hits:

    • Nothing But A Heartache
    • Say, you never
    • Jump in my car
    • Summer Kisses
    • Heaven and hell

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