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Disco duet Ottawan is a world-famous legend from the 1980s still enjoying popularity among devotees of vigorous music. A performance by Ottawan at your party will turn it into an amazingly powerful and unforgettable event!

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    Стоимость выступления: По запросу.
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    The fee of the artist depends on the destination, the duration of the journey and the overal trip, the type of the event. The fees tend to be higher during festive seasons, like Christmas.

    Please send us a request with all the details of your event and our agents will provide you with the fee.

    In most cases you will be asked to fill out a formal offer form, please find it attached. Once the form is filled out and returned to us, one of our agents will be in touch with all the detailed information.

  • Contract
    Please find a sample of a standard BnMusic agreement attached. Please kindly note that this is for your information only and can be adapted based on client’s needs.

  • Biography

    Ottawan biography

    Jean Baptiste Patrick, the front man and one of the founders of the future world-famous duo, in 1970’s came to Paris, having a strong will to start up a music career. For some time charismatic black soloist sang in local bars with his group “Black Underground”. One day he finally got lucky. Daniel Vangarde, a very influential producer of that decade, saw Jean Baptiste’s performance and invited him and a vocalist and dancer Annette to make a brand new disco-style duo . That is how the story started.

    The first single of the “newborn” was titled “D.I.S.C.O.”. The song immediately became a smash-hit and climbed the top of all music charts.  After a while, more hits followed: “You’re OK”, “Hello Rio!”, “Shalala Song”, “Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)”, “Crazy Music”. Two  studio albums saw the world within a short period. Interesting and full-of energy songs of the project made it one of the icons of disco music.

    We, official Ottawan booking agent, are glad to give you a brilliant opportunity to invite Jean Baptiste Patrick on your special event: a wedding, a New Year’s celebration, a dinner event, anniversary, or, for instance, a corporate party. The contact numbers we have are the artist’s direct phone numbers. That means that we don’t work with assistance of intermediaries. Thus, the price for the performance does not include extra fees. Moreover, without intermediaries we guarantee a higher level of organization. Have a question: How to book Ottawan? You have already found the answer.

3 reasons to book artists with BnMusic


Our head office is based in Europe. Our booking agent gets in touch with the celebrity upon your request and provides you with all the information related to the performance at your event in a very short period of time.

Cost efficiency

The contract is signed between you and the celebrity for the transparency of the agreement. The booking fees are covered by the artist.


We support you all the way through even in case of force majeure. In case the contract can’t be fulfilled, we would normally arrange a refund or an alternative date.

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