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  • Raffaella Carrà

    Raffaella Carrà is a famous Italian singer, actress, and TV presenter. The peak of her popularity was in the 1960s and the 1970s. Today, Raffaella continues to amaze her fans with her beautiful looks, movie roles, and appearances on TV. Through our agency, you can book a performance by the star singer without intermediaries or markups.

  • Sydne Rome

    Italian model, actress and pop singer Sydne Rome is one of the most beautiful women of the 1980s. Songs by the passionate blonde stroke a chord with millions of listeners, and her spectacular looks and genuine femininity have conquered men’s hearts by the score. You can easily invite the singer to your party — our agency will gladly help you arrange everything at the highest level.

  • C.C. Catch

    C.C. Catch is one of the most significant German disco and pop-singers, whose voice and appearance seem to be timeless. It’s hardly surprising that today C.C. Catch is no less popular than she was at the dawn of her career. Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us to see a legendary pop-star on your special event.

  • Simona Molinari

    Simona Molinari is one of the most popular contemporary Italian artists. She is well-known as a jazz musician, songwriter, and a bossa nova and swing singer. Embellish your party with some unique high-quality music — book a performance by the star artist through our agency. We’ll offer you the best terms and affordable prices.

  • Emma Marrone

    Emma Marrone is a famous Italian pop-rock singer, songwriter, and musician. Soft vocals combined with unique musical arrangements made her popular not only in Italy but also well beyond the country. A performance by the Italian star at a party will guarantee everyone’s good spirits and positive emotions. Invite the musician through our agency. We’ll readily help you arrange any kind of event ...

  • Noemi

    Noemi is a popular Italian singer, songwriter, and TV presenter. She initially got famous in the X-factor program that became a springboard for her successful musical career. As a flamboyant representative of Italian pop music, Noemi experiments with genres, adding to her repertoire blues, funk, and reggae. Book a performance by the artist through our agency — we guarantee that your party ...

  • Marina Fiordaliso

    Famous Italian singer Marina Fiordaliso has won the hearts of numerous listeners with her strong voice, artistry, and charm. Her songs are famous well beyond her home country, and her concerts are still gathering multi-thousand audiences. By inviting the Italian star to your party, you ensure a truly unique event. We will gladly arrange her performance for any kind of event.

  • Kylie Minogue

    Kylie Minogue is one of the most popular singers not only in Australia but also throughout the rest of the world. Her talent and charisma allowed her to rise to the very top of the show business. She continues to be the main princess of pop music to this day. We can organise the star’s performance at an event of any format and scale. We work directly with the artist’s agent and guarantee ...

  • Natalie Imbruglia

    Natalie Imbruglia is an Australian model, actress, and pop-rock singer-performer. She is an example of a woman who built her career through hard work and a bit of luck. The pop star with a vibrant and recognisable voice will definitely become a highlight of your party. We will organise the singer’s performance at the highest level.

  • Roisin Murphy

    Roisin Murphy is a British performer who became famous for her unique voice and an extravagant stage image. She gained popularity in the 90s as a part of the Moloko duo, and now continues her work as a solo performer. You can book the musician’s show for your event through our agency. We work directly with the star’s agent and guarantee you a professional approach and competitive prices.

  • Halsey

    Halsey is an American indie-pop and electro-pop rebel who has won many fans with her vibrant appearance and original manner of performance. You can book the star’s performance by contacting our manager. We work directly with the artist’s agent and offer favourable booking conditions and reasonable prices.

  • Kesha

    Kesha is an American pop singer who adds a splash of country and Eurodance to her music. She often mixes different genres which always results in interesting tracks. Success did not come to her immediately, but thanks to her perseverance, she achieved popularity and a place in the worldwide charts. You can invite Kesha to your party through BnMusic today.

  • Ellie Goulding

    Ellie Goulding is known for many things. She is an accomplished composer, indie-pop and electro-folk performer, an author of many soundtracks to Academy award-winning movies, and the top pick of the British musical critique. Invite the singer to your party, and we will organise her show at the highest quality level. We work without intermediaries, extra costs, and at competitive prices.

  • Billie Eilish

    Billie Eilish is an American pop singer, who became widely popular after publishing her songs on YouTube and Spotify last year. She is mostly known for her dreamy ballads that will definitely tug your heartstrings. Her outlandish music further emphasizes the romantic lyrics in her songs. By booking Billie Eilish’s performance for private event through BnMusic, you’re guaranteed to get the ...

  • Tina Cousins

    Tina Cousins is a former model and singer-songwriter, who had repeatedly rocked the British and world charts. During her shows, she creates a friendly atmosphere and gives the audience a positive vibe. You can book her performance directly through our agency, without involving intermediaries and extra costs.

  • Amber

    Amber is an aspiring singer from South Korea. She performs in the genres of rap and K-Pop. She previously was a member of f(x) band and used to be signed to the SM Entertainment label. You can invite her to your party or festive event with the help of our agency. Moreover, this can be done without unnecessary intermediaries and overpayments!

  • Emilia

    Emilia Valeva, who performs under the alias Emilia, is a Bulgarian soul and pop-folk singer. She skillfully arranges her songs, creating unforgettable crossover compositions. Such a unique mixture can even be called a new genre, especially if you take into account the singer’s peculiar high-pitched voice. Our booking agency can help you Invite the performer to your corporate party or event ...

  • Kovacs

    Kovacs is a jazz and soul singer, who skilfully combines these genres with other styles (folk, pop music, rock, and R&B). She finely uses her capabilities to the fullest extent, creating unique songs with a slightly gloomy, yet somehow strangely uplifting vibe. Her performances are always special and are emphasized by the singer’s original stage costumes.

  • Sertab Erener

    Sertab Erener is one of the most popular Turkish singers, performing in the genres of pop and dance-pop. Having performed brilliantly at Eurovision, she was able to gain the most votes and become a winner in 2003 with the song “Everyway That I Can”. Book the performance by Sertab Erener for your party without intermediaries and extra payments through the BnMusic agency!

  • Rita Ora

    Rita Ora is a British celebrity of Albanian descent. Due to ethnic conflicts, her family moved to London. And in the UK the girl began her career as a pop singer.

  • Seya

    The young singer Seya hails from Romania. She was born on July 3, 1996, in the family of a talented musician. Seya performs songs in both Romanian and Spanish. Her inspired work has quickly conquered the world of pop music.

  • Myriam Fares

    The famous singer and dancer Miriam Fares hails from southern Lebanon. The majority of her songs are in Arabic. Other than that, Myriam also produces other singers and has starred in several movies. Her music is a sensual and exciting combination of Middle Eastern and European genres.

  • Dua Lipa

    Dua Lipa is a young and very British talented performer who has already gained worldwide popularity. It’s really worth booking Dua Lipa’s performance for your private party or corporate event if you enjoy catchy pop, indie pop, and R&B music.

  • Camila Cabello

    Stunning Camila Cabello is a pop singer, who plays guitar and piano beautifully. Her performance will make your event truly unforgettable. Contact BnMusic to invite charming Camila Cabello to your party!