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  • Amy Macdonald

  • Amy Shark

    Amy Louise Billings known professionally as Amy Shark, is an Australian indie pop singer.

  • Alex the Astronaut

    Alexandra Lynn known professionally as Alex the Astronaut, is an Australian folk-pop singer.

  • Alice Merton

  • Alina Baraz

  • Amber Van Day

  • ABIR

  • Aimee


  • Alaina Castillo

    Alaina Castillo is an American pop singer.

  • Alessia Cara

    Alessia Caracciolo known professionally as Alessia Cara is a Canadian singer.

  • Tori Kelly

    Victoria Loren Kelly is an American singer. She first gained recognition after posting videos on YouTube as a teenager, and made it through to Hollywood week on the ninth season of American Idol.

  • Nina Nesbitt

  • Graace

  • Janet Jackson

    Janet Damita Jo Jackson is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer. She is noted for her innovative, socially conscious and sexually provocative records, as well as elaborate stage shows. Her sound and choreography became a catalyst in the growth of MTV, enabling her to rise to prominence while breaking gender and racial barriers in the process. Lyrical content which focused on ...

  • Kamille

  • Angela Cavagna

    Singer Angela Cavagna is known in her native country as a skilled dancer, model, and TV presenter. She sings songs in Italian, Spanish, and English. Her style can be characterised as Italo-disco. Every event to feature the artist becomes unforgettable. We will gladly help you arrange a colourful show featuring Angela Cavagna without intermediaries or extra fees.

  • Anna Tatangelo

    Anna Tatangelo is an Italian singer playing pop music. The girl initially got famous aged 15 by becoming the youngest winner at Sanremo Music Festival. Since then, she’s only enhanced her success by creating music albums that got popular right away and starring in movies. You can book the artist for a solo concert or any other kind of event through our agency.

  • Bonnie Tyler

    Bonnie Tyler is a rock icon of 1980, who conquered the hearts of millions of fans with her unsurpassed vocal and charisma. It is impossible to consider yourself an expert in British music without visiting Bonnie Tyler concert.

  • Antonella Ruggiero

    Antonella Ruggiero is the lead singer of Italian band Matia Bazar. The band plays songs in quite a large range of genres, including folk, rock, and opera. The charming singer will embellish any kind of party, posing a truly unique phenomenon: airy soprano with a 4-octave vocal range.

  • Giorgia Gueglio

    Giorgia Gueglio is a popular Italian singer. She is also one of the co-founders of band Mastercastle. The genres are hard rock and heavy metal. Do you like unusual rock parties? Inviting a star to one is a great idea! Our agency will gladly help you invite Mastercastle to your party without intermediaries or extra fees!

  • Gianna Nannini

    Gianna Nannini is a famous Italian singer who plays rock music. The girl composes music for her own songs and has acted as a composer for multiple projects by other producers. Through our agency, you can book a performance by the artist anywhere in the world, as part of a tour or on an individual basis. Contact our booking agency to discuss the date and the signing of the contract.

  • Giusy Ferreri

    Singer and songwriter Giusy Ferreri is one of the most demanded Italian artists. The genres are pop, rock, and blues. How can a party do without some catchy music? A performance by Giusy Ferreri is a perfect option for any kind of event. Our agency can help you invite the world-class star to any party!

  • Cristina Scabbia

    Cristina Scabbia is a gothic rock singer and the lead singer of popular band Lacuna Coil. "Sexual intercourse between vocals and music" is the way Cristina refers to her own songs. We’ll gladly help you arrange a performance by Cristina Scabbia at your party without intermediaries or extra fees.

  • Sandra

    Sandra Cretu, the main voice of Arabesque and Enigma, is also a successful solo performer, who is considered one of the most famous European vocalists now. Sandra’s performance is guaranteed to end with a standing ovation and an emotional outburst!