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  • Melanie C

    Melanie Jayne Chisholm, better known as Melanie C or Mel C. Melanie C is a popular British singer and songwriter. As one of the five members of the Spice Girls, she was nicknamed Sporty Spice. She mostly sings pop, pop-rock, and brit-pop songs. Are you dreaming of seeing a star at your party? Our booking agency will help you invite Melanie C to any event without overpayments and intermediaries.

  • Taylor Dane

    Taylor Dane is an American performer who became famous in the late eighties. Her repertoire mostly consists of pop, dance-pop and soul songs. You can book the singer’s performance through our agency. We guarantee no extra payments and other intermediaries, as well as a professional approach to the execution of the contract. Call us now! Our managers will inform you of the free dates in the ...

  • Kiki Dee

    Kiki Dee is a popular British pop singer. Her real name is Pauline Matthews. Are you dreaming of hearing the best hits of a real star at your party? Our agency will help you invite her to any event without extra costs and intermediaries.

  • Vicky Leandros

    Vicky Leandros is a German and Greek singer who won the love of millions of listeners in the 1970s. She continues to delight the audiences with her beautiful voice and sensual manner of performance. You can invite this performer to your party through our agency. We work with the stars directly and offer favourable booking conditions without intermediaries and extra payments.

  • Whigfield

    The Danish performer, who became known under the alias Whigfield, gained popularity back in the early 90s. She lived in Italy at the time and released energetic Eurodance and pop music. If you want to book the singer’s performance for your event, call our agency right now. We provide services without intermediaries, which means no extra costs will be paid. Our managers will fill you in on the ...

  • Lutricia McNeal

    Lutricia McNeal is an American R&B and pop singer, widely popular in Europe. The peak of her fame came in the 90s, but today her music is still as relevant and sought-after as ever. If you want to invite Lutricia McNeal to a private party or concert, feel free to contact us. We offer services related to organising and conducting live performances of real stars at your event. We cooperate ...

  • Jocelyn Brown

    Jocelyn Brown is a renowned American singer and an author of some of her best hits. She mostly performs jazz, pop, and R&B music. Are you dreaming of meeting a real star? Our agency will help you invite Jocelyn Brown to your event without intermediaries and extra payments.

  • Irene Cara

    Irene Kara is one of the most prominent soul and pop artists of the early 80s. The singer’s beautiful voice and infectious rhythms still do not leave listeners indifferent. You can invite the artist to your party through our agency. We guarantee a high level of event organisation and competitive prices.

  • Lian Ross

    Lian Ross is a Spanish singer of German origin. She performs in various genres from synthpop to reggae and is characterized by a stron, unique voice and charisma. She has repeatedly occupied the first position in Spanish charts. Lian tours actively. We offer you to book a performance by the singer at your party. We work directly with the artist, so the price we offer is most affordable, ...

  • Kelly Marie

    Kelly Marie is a singer from Scotland playing disco songs. Book a performance by the artist for an event without addressing any intermediaries: our booking agency will protect you from extra fees.

  • Jimmy James

    Jimmy James is a popular Jamaican musician that used to be a member of band The Vagabonds. The ensemble played soul music and consisted of many famous musicians including Alan Kirk, Andrew Platts, Chris Turner, Martin Dale and others. If you’d like to make yourself and your guests happy, invite the star artist to your party! We, BnMusic booking agency, will gladly help you do so without ...

  • Jaki Graham

    Jaki Graham is one of the most famous British pop artists. She plays pop, R&B and house. Our company can directly arrange her performance, without extra fees or intermediaries.

  • Hazell Dean

    Hazell Dean is a British singer playing dance pop songs. Her music is characterized by a vivid, "dance-like" sound. Through BnMusic, you can book a performance by the artist with no extra fees or intermediaries.

  • Bonnie Pointer

    American singer Bonnie Pointer plays soul and R&B Songs. If you'd like to invite her to your party, call our agency to learn more about Bonnie Pointer's requirements and your schedule.

  • Ann Lee

    Italian singer of British origin Ann Lee is a vivid and vigorous singer with a perky voice who has conquered many European stages with her repertoire. If you’d like to hear Ann Lee’s unforgettable Eurodance songs, book the artist on our website without intermediaries or extra fees!

  • Gloria Gaynor

    You only need to wish — and disco icon Gloria Gaynor will present you and your guests with the vibes of eternal youth at your wedding celebration or company party.

  • Loona

    Loona (Marie-José van der Kolk) is a Dutch singer artist who has been smiting fans across the globe for quite a while now with her beautiful voice and irresistible charm. With our assistance, Loona can perform at your party!

  • Adeva

    Adeva is an American R&B, house and pop singer. You can book a live performance by Adeva by contacting us. BnMusic booking artist agent guarantees that the deal will be executed with no extra costs and intermediaries.

  • Thea Austin

    Thea Austin is a singer, producer, and a woman of stunning beauty. You can book her performance for your event through BnMusic agent. No extra payments or intermediaries. With us, live music of world-famous performers is closer than ever.

  • Sandra Kim

    Sandra Kim is a Belgian pop star of Italian origin. When she was 13, she won the Eurovision Song Contest 1986. We will be happy to help you see and hear the pride of Belgium live. You can buy tickets for Sandra Kim concert events from us without intermediaries and extra costs.

  • Patty Ryan

    German performer Patty Ryan became widely popular back in the 80s when her single “You Are My Love” came out. Her music style can be called classic Eurodance. If you want to book Patty Ryan for your event, feel free to call our agency. We work without extra costs and intermediaries.

  • Evelyn Thomas

    Evelyn Thomas is a popular American dance music performer. Her main hit was the track "High Energy". You can order the artist’s performance through our agency and immerse yourself into the atmosphere of a true “high energy”.

  • Maggie Reilly

    Maggie Reilly is a soft-rock and pop performer, known for her impeccable voice and soft melodic guitars, that will immerse you into the world of her trademark sound. You can book the artist’s performance with the help of our agency, without intermediaries and extra costs from your side.

  • Jenny Berggren of Ace of Base

    Jenny Berggren, a former member of the Swedish pop group Ace of Base, performs music in Europop, techno, and Eurodance genres. Upon your request, we will organize Jenny’s performance at a club party or a gala event dedicated to any significant event, without intermediaries and extra costs.