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F R David is a gifted composer, musician, arranger and producer, who won worldwide fame. He is known to our audience as a professional singer and world renowned legend of 1980s. Book F R David for a celebration, don’t miss your chance to enjoy timeless hits!

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  • Biography

    Live path of the Legend

    The talent of the Tunisian-born French musician became evident when he was a teenager.  At the age of 14 Elli Robert Fitoussi started performing at different banquets as an accompaniment to unknown French artists. Later, he had chances to develop his music skills as a member of such groups as “Le Boots” and “Les Variations”. Finally, in 1972 Fitoussi released a first single of his own, called “Superman, Superman”, 2 million copies of which were sold out around the globe. “Les Variations” went on a world tour, performing on one stage with such rock music icons as “AC/DC” and “AEROSMITH”.

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