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Right Said Fred is a band that is often invited to corporate events, parties, and other celebrations. After all, musicians with such an energetic repertoire can make an evening truly memorable.

Want to invite the stars to your party? Contact the BnMusic booking agency for help. We guarantee the solution of all issues and make sure that all the requirements of the rider are met.

  • Price

    Price Right Said Fred:

    Upon request

    Send a request.

    The price for Right Said Fred depends on the destination, the duration of the journey and the overall trip, the type of the event. The fees tend to be higher during festive seasons, like Christmas.

    Please send us a request with all the details of your event and our agents will provide you with the fee for Right Said Fred.

  • Offer Form & Agreement

    Offer Form & Agreement Right Said Fred

    Please find a sample of a formal offer form and a standard agreement attached for booking artists for event. Please kindly note that this is for your information only and can be adapted based on client’s needs.

  • Contact

    Contact Right Said Fred

    Contact Right Said Fred booking agent for private & corporate events
    Please make a request with all the details of your event and our agents will get in touch and provide you with the info for Right Said Fred.

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Our event producer gets in touch with the celebrity upon your request and provides you with all the information related to the performance at your event in a very short period of time.

Cost efficiency

The contract is signed between you and the celebrity for the transparency of the agreement.


We support you all the way through even in case of force majeure. In case the contract can’t be fulfilled, we would normally arrange a refund or an alternative date.

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